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When you need insurance for your property or portfolio, we will do our best to help. We can build a solution to protect your buildings, your liabilities as a property owner and your possessions too.

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  • How to use the Internet of Things

    19/08/16 by Lianne at Adler Insurance Brokers

    The vast interconnected system of devices, vehicles and even entire buildings are all part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

  • Legal Expenses: What to consider

    05/08/16 by Lianne at Adler Insurance Brokers

    We will be looking into the most common types of Legal Expenses Cover and particular aspects this insurance policy protects.

  • Insurance Act 2015 – Are you Ready?

    09/08/16 by Lianne at Adler Insurance Brokers

    Ensure clear understanding, wherever possible, of the risks being insured (which determine what information is relevant). Document the process of compiling and checking risk information, recording any concerns or shortcomings. Develop draft answers to the key definitions in the Act to ensure…

  • Financial Planning: UK’s exit from the European Union

    22/07/16 by Financial Planning

    We are now four weeks on from the EU Referendum vote that resulted in the UK decision to leave the EU, and much has been written and reported since that date. Some of this is factual and some seemingly designed with nothing…