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We provide flexible, tailored cover for your specialist insurance needs and financial advice to help secure your business’ future. From property to liability, construction to finance, trades to motor, and more.

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When you need insurance for your property or portfolio, we will do our best to help. We can build a solution to protect your buildings, your liabilities as a property owner and your possessions too.

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Knowledge Centre

  • Financial Planning: Lifetime ISA

    07/10/16 by Financial Planning

    The Lifetime ISA is a government based incentive scheme, designed to encourage young people saving for their first home whilst saving for their retirement.

  • Increasing Insurance Premium Tax (IPT)

    23/09/16 by Lianne at Adler Insurance Brokers

    Since July’s 2015’s Summer Budget, the IPT has increased from 6% to a new 10% rate – a 66% increase within the past 12 months. The IPT increase will apply to insurance premiums starting on 1st October 2016. The government estimates that…