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  • Adler Group buys Cross & Co

    15/03/18 by Adler Insurance

    Cross & Co (Insurance Brokers) has been bought by Adler Insurance Group for an undisclosed sum. The deal is Adler Insurance’s third in 22 months, following a successful MBO in May 2016 and the purchase of Ellerton Knight insurance brokers in June 2017.

  • Combat Rising Costs With Risk Management

    10/02/17 by Adler Insurance

    Even though the construction sector has been experiencing positive growth over the past several months, it still faces challenges — rising material and labour costs. Risk management systems and training grants may be the solution…

  • Sedentary Working Is a Top Health Risk

    06/01/17 by Adler Insurance

    Sedentary working is a new top health risk that is getting increased attention from health and safety professionals. Sitting for long periods is thought to slow the metabolism, which affects the body’s ability to break down body fat and regulate blood sugar and blood pressure.