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Healthcare Insurance and Private Medical Insurance can help us to maintain good health, which is one of the main factors that allows us to do the things that we enjoy.

But even with healthy eating and regular exercise, we may still experience ill-health or injury and need medical attention.

Adler Insurance Brokers provide group Private Medical Insurance schemes or individual policies to cater for business and personal requirements alike.

Well designed Healthcare provision offers:

  • the ability to choose when and where you are treated
  • the chance to reduce the impact on your lives of waiting for treatment
  • cost certainty for unknown future medical procedures

...and additionally for companies, it helps:

  • you or your employees return to work earlier
  • minimise business disruption as absences for treatment can be planned
  • staff to feel more valued and improves morale & loyalty

We can advise you and help tailor the most appropriate plan to suit your business or personal needs.

We can add extra benefits to enhance your cover and/or help control your costs by suggesting paying the first part of any claim or partial use of the NHS, without compromising on quality of treatment.

Adler Insurance Brokers will make a real difference to your business.