Financial Planning & Wealth Management Services

Every individual client and business is unique, so we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our clients and tailor our service approach to match their financial and investment needs.

You’ll benefit from our services if:

  • you are seeking expert financial advice and/or investment management
  • you want help to formulate and maintain a clear financial plan and strategy to make the most of your hard-earned money
  • you need a sounding board and the discipline to look at your finances from time to time
  • you are seeking a sense of control, peace of mind and financial freedom
Specialist reviews as you grow

Commercial financial advice can differ from greatly personal advice. Our business specialists can review your needs, offer guidance and develop a strategy that is suited to your business and stays that way as you grow.

Securing your employee’s futures

Our pension advice service can present you and your workforce with options to plan their future income. This product also serves as a guide through the legislation surrounding work place pensions and the rights of your staff.

Business protection

Many businesses seek to protect what is visible – the buildings, machinery and supplies;, whilst owners and key employees are left unprotected. If a key employee such as a director or skilled specialist were to die or become ill, would the business continue to thrive? Our business protection schemes support your company through these circumstances.

What we offer

  • Shareholder Protection

    Losing a major shareholder or partner can cause serious problems. A shareholder’s family could end up with a share of the business, and in the case of a partnership, the partnership will be automatically dissolved unless an agreement exists to the contrary….

  • Key Person Protection

    Virtually every business will guard against the loss of material assets such as buildings and contents, even work in progress. Yet many do not protect against the death or serious illness of personnel who may be vital to the success of the…

  • Group Critical Illness

    The diagnosis of a critical illness such as cancer, a stroke or heart attack is a reality that many individuals have to face. However, with the right support many people diagnosed with a serious illness are able to make a full recovery…

  • Private Medical Insurance

    Whether you’re a sole trader running your own business, have a small business with a team of employees, or employ hundreds of staff, Adler Insurance Group’s healthcare products offer a range of flexible and affordable business health insurance plans that can be…

  • Group Life Assurance

    Group life assurance deals with circumstances that we would all prefer not to think about: the loss of life. It enables you to provide a tax-free lump sum benefit payment, and/or a longer term income to an employee’s family and dependants if…

  • Group Pension Schemes

    A Group Personal Pension (GPP) scheme is a collection of personal pension plans provided by you for your employees. Each member will get their own plan, which you can both contribute to. We invest the contributions in funds so they can buy…