Whether you’re a sole trader running your own business, have a small business with a team of employees, or employ hundreds of staff, Adler Insurance Group’s healthcare products offer a range of flexible and affordable business health insurance plans that can be tailored to meet your business’s needs and your budget.

Private medical insurance helps you to look after your people when they need help most. It can be an important part of a recruitment and retention strategy, helping to attract and keep the right people and boost workplace morale. Private medical insurance is designed to provide cover to diagnose and treat acute conditions. These are medical conditions that are likely to respond quickly to treatment, leading to a full recovery and returning your employees to their previous state of health.

Our policies are designed to be easy to understand and simple to use. Our advisers are here to arrange treatment and guide your employees through every step.

Offering the right treatment, at the right time

This means early diagnosis and prompt access to expert medical treatment at a time that suits, anywhere in the UK.

Access to the latest treatments

Our insurer’s clinical experts keep up-to-date with the latest techniques, ensuring  the best possible treatment.

A 24-hour GP helpline

Your employees can call a fully qualified GP day or night, so they may not need time off work to get medical advice. They can also call about other family members, which is really useful when they have small children.

Levels of cover

Choose different cover for different groups/teams of employees. You could increase benefits for yourself and senior staff, and even include your family on the same policy.

Specialist cancer support

We can take care of everything, from the first phone call for a claim right through to sensitive, ongoing aftercare. Read more about our cancer pledge.

Exclusions will change depending on a number of factors including age and  pre-existing conditions. Your adviser will take you through these during the quotation process. This list of exclusions is a summary and is not a full list of all exclusions that may apply.

  • Treatment in a hospital not on the hospital list issued by the insurer
  • Treatment received outside the UK
  • Treatment of alcoholism, drug abuse or any addiction
  • Treatment of any psychiatric, mental or nervous conditions
  • The services of a GP or any person acting as one
  • Cosmetic treatment that is not necessary as a direct result of accidental injury
  • Out-patient drugs, medicines, contact lenses, spectacles or mobility devices
Does business health insurance offer any tax benefits for employers?

Health insurance is a taxable, non-cash benefit and is treated as additional taxable income where employees earn more than £8,500 per year. As an employer, you would obtain corporation tax relief for the full value of the premium. Your employees’ taxable benefit may be on a lower value as some of the benefits provided insurance may attract dispensation.

What information do you need to give me a quote?

Our dedicated team of business health insurance advisers will work closely with you to design a solution that provides the most appropriate, effective cover for your employees.

In order to provide you with a quote, we only need the following information:

  • company name
  • address including postcode
  • nature of business
  • age and gender of employees requiring cover
How many employees can I cover?

Business health insurance can be tailored for businesses  ranging from two to 250 employees.

Can I cover my family, too?

Yes. If you have chosen family cover you can include your spouse/partner and any dependent children up to the age of 24 who live with you at your address.

How easy is it to add/remove employees?

You can add or remove employees from your business health insurance plan with one phone call. As your premium is worked out per employee, a refund will be arranged if appropriate.

At Adler Insurance, we go to great lengths to understand your personal circumstances, goals and aspirations, as this will enable us to recommend the most appropriate solutions for you.

The suitability of health insurance products will depend on various factors. There are many different types of protection products and, through discussion to understand your individual needs, an adviser will identify what product or combination of products most suits you.

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